Adding Style to Your Home, Gardens and Outdoor Spaces. Make Your Outdoor Living.

"If we can inspire our customers to spend time in the beautiful outdoors and create gardens, or personal and inviting outdoor spaces to spend more of their time outside -or to bring the outdoors in and feel inspired by and appreciating nature, then we've completed our mission!"

A lifetime passion for gardening, landscape design and outloor living merged with over twenty years of software industry experience, ignited founder Laura Clemons to start up an online destination for high quality garden products, nature inspired home decor and one of a kind outdoor living products. She founded Land & Garden ® in 2011, launching the service in late 2012 with over 700 products from over 70 manufacturers.

Land & Garden ® offers customers a boutique-oriented online shopping experience with exceptional products shipped straight to their door, with free shipping on most orders over $100*. Land & Garden ® social media brands offer customers inspiration and ideas for the garden and outdoor rooms with DIY and sustainable living ideas across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google Blog. Through Land & Garden's network of landscape designers, they provide garden design services, outdoor room design consultations and planning for customers in Northern CA with remote design services for any location.

Future plans for Land & Garden ® include opening a flagship store, offering products from the online store as well as plants, seasonal containers, fresh flowers, and hosting community events to bridge together garden enthusiasts, and inspire customer interests in gardening, exterior room design, cooking and wine, seasonal DIY and craft-making projects.

Registered on the U.S Trademark Supplemental Register, Land & Garden ® is a privately held and funded company.

Laura Clemons, Founder & President