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SPI - Cheating Frogs Playing Cards, Garden Statue
Cheating Frogs Playing Cards Garden Statue

Card Cheat Frogs Garden Sculpture Set

Whimsical frogs relaxing in your garden, playing cards and cheating in the process! If you��re a bridge player, you and your partners will love this garden sculpture. A set of four pieces makes the whole product. Made of cast aluminum with hand-painted verdigris and bronze finish with highlights. From SPI of San Francisco.

Dimensions for each item in the group:

Left Frog: 12.75��H 16.5��W 7��D
Middle Frog: 14��H 14.75��W 8.5��D
Right Frog: 14.25��H 13��W 9��D
Toadstool: 8.75��H 12.5��W 12.5��D

Now: $535.00

Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Item #: SPI-34211

Ships directly from manufacturer.

Shipping: This product can be shipped to U.S. and specific international locations.
Return Policy: Within 15 days of receipt -see Returns & Exchanges Policy.
Not returnable if shipped outside of the continental U.S.

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